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“We made one call, and Chuck did all the rest. He answered all of our
questions, and gave us a proposal in writing. It was so easy.”

The Same Power -
     Just Less Money

Planet Solar Makes it Easy!

Save money today on your electric bill, and help to fix your electricity costs for years to come. Better yet, as the utility raises its rates, your savings grow and grow. In fact, the average home solar panel system will save over $100,000 in electricity costs over the life of the system – THAT’s a lot of money!


Planet Solar is one of the oldest and most experienced solar installers in America, and as such we have all the programs that our competition have, and some options that that no one else can offer. With us, you will definitely pay less each month for your electricity, and save tens of thousands of dollars over the guaranteed 25 year life of your solar panels, or we won't take your business. In fact, our average client will save over $100,000 by Going Solar! That's $100,000 that you don't have to work for, you just keep living in your home and let your solar system earn it for you. And the higher your electric bill, the more you will save.

We are constantly striving to insure we have the absolute best programs in the industry, so you can rest assured that with Planet Solar, you are getting the best solar options to best fit YOUR needs.

So.....What will you do with an extra $100,000?


We all already rely on solar panels every day. For over 50 yrs, Solar panels have powered many things you rely on every day, from celluar phone towers and street lights, television and radio transmissions, to the GPS system you rely on in your car or on a plane. But only Planet Solar offers a full 12 yr unlimited parts and labor warranty on purchased systems, and a 25yr production warranty on the entire system – If your system stops producing electricity anytime during the first 25 years, we will fix or replace it FREE of charge! Where else do you get a 25 year unlimited warranty?

How It Works

We make Going Solar Easy! Planet Solar works as a team, and refuse to use outside 3rd party installers, because quality and customer satisfaction are too important to sub-contract out. We handle all the details from start to finish, so you don’t have to. From consultation to job completion, you can be sure that you will get the right solar energy system for your unique home, installed the right way.


  1. Call for your Free Quote. We will ask you a few simple questions to guide us in designing the best system for you. And most importantly, our team of the most knowledgeable solar experts in the industry will answer all of your questions. The more you know, the more likely you will want solar. In fact, we really do hear “..this is a no-brainer” every day.
  2. Installation. Just one call, and WE do it all! The time required for contract administration, HOA approvals, permitting, ordering parts, and utility interconnection after the installation is complete, varies by jurisdiction. But once we are on your roof, the average system installs in 3 days or less, and the entire process takes about 6 months.
  3. Turn the System On. Once you receive Permission To Operate (PTO) from the utility company, we will come out and ‘flip the switch’ to turn on the system. From that day forward, the solar panels on your roof will be producing cleaner, less expensive energy than the utility company.
  4. Trouble-Free Service. Our relationship with you doesn’t stop there. We will monitor your the solar installation and it’s production for the life of the system. In case the installation stops working, or produces less than we expected, we will be out to fix it before you ever knew anything was wrong. And you can rest assured that your system is warranted and insured for a full 25 years. You just sit back and watch your electrical meter spin backward, your monthly savings grow every year, and the maintenance-free solar installation saving you money every month. Forever.

Happy customers

Laurie A.
Santa Barbara, CA

System Size: 7.0kW
Modules: 35 Sanyo Electric 200BA5
Inverters: 1 SMA 7000W

We have since installed five systems for this great family’s various homes. Nothing is more of a compliment to us at Planet Solar than when repeat customers, or when we are referred to their friends.

Laurie A.

Robert & Christine Emmons

Bill Maher

R. Guzmán

Dr. K. Wingert

F. Garvin